I have a leak in my sound pipes.

oh guys, the internet is making me really sad tonight.

Best fran’s house (at Knight-Allen House)

My friend Laurel took me out for some portraits last week and I can’t decide which i like best for a profile pic, so you choose.


Vblog #4 is here! Loads of info about the Reverb Festival and a special shout-out for fuckyeahimmi near the end! :)

I would just like to mention how happy I am about this whole situation. Scroll to like 1:30 from the end.

The lovely @laurelch took me out for some photos a few weeks ago and they are so cool.

(Source: jeremycowart.com, via fuckyeahimmi)

Favorite part of my day. (at Knight-Allen House)


kimbra just deleted a really great tweet

bought tickets to see this lovely lady in October. I’m so happy.

Love in High Places - Kimbra